About Rising Hearts Ranch

It was in 1999 that Owner/President Michele Pfeifer laid down the foundation to her current horse operations and purchased a ranch in the sleepy mountain town of Silt, Colorado. This ranch, Rising Hearts Ranch, was named so because Michele saw it as an inspirational place that captured the heart and soul of everyone that visited it, a place that lifted hearts. Michele says “it took me a while to actually come up with the name, but I kept coming back to heart, and that uplifting feeling you get when you watch the sun rise across an open pasture or reflect off of the great Rocky Mountains in the middle of Spring. Rising Hearts just seemed appropriate and so it stuck”.

Today, the 256 acres ranch is home to a variety of animals, king of which is the horse. With the incredibly strong pipe fencing throughout the property, Michele jokes that elephants may be next. All animals on the ranch, whether they are client owned or ranch horses are considered “family” while they are here. At Rising Hearts Ranch things are a little different, although our livelihood is based on horses as a business we prefer to maintain a personal touch with everything that we do. Our clients are number one, and we work hard to accommodate their every need. The Shellbird staff prides themselves on providing a friendly ranch environment for guests and clients to enjoy, and offers the best possible care for each and every horse who calls Rising Hearts home.

The Facility itself boasts an array of features that make the ranch safe, comfortable, and unique, a few of which are: two indoor arenas (one measuring an enormous 165’ x 300’), an outdoor arena, large heated indoor stalls (some with 30’ turnouts), 24hr monitoring systems, hot-walkers, round-pens, a free standing veterinary lab and stallion station, acres and acres of alfalfa, and to top it all off the ranch has some of the most phenomenal sunsets imaginable. There is nothing like watching the sun sink behind the peaks of the Colorado Rockies as it casts vibrant colors across our green irrigated horse pastures.

We invite you to visit us at Rising Hearts Ranch to understand for yourself the beauty and inspiration that gave the ranch its name, and why we work so hard to make the facility a “home” to all.

Our Hay Production

The 256 acre ranch is completely irrigated and irrigates approximately 200+ acres of excellent grass/alfalfa mix hay that produces 18-24,000 small bales annually (2011 production was 24,000 bales on a normal water year and 2012 production was 18,000 bales in a drought year). The ranch uses most of the hay and has excess hay to sell each year for additional income.  This insures that the horses in the care of Shellbird Inc. at Rising Hearts Ranch will receive the very best hay year round.


Our Arena

At 48,000 sq. ft., this covered arena that is the largest horse show facility in western Colorado.