Mare Care

Shellbird’s Rising Hearts Ranch offers year round professional mare care. Not only are we able to provide services for all aspects of breeding, but we are equipped and willing to help with foaling and foal care. Mares at the ranch for breeding are turned out together in pastures; if requested and available, arrangements can be made for your mare to have a stall, or runout.

We offer breeding and embryo transfers for mares being bred to stallions standing at the ranch or mares being bred to outside stallions. We are one of the few breeding facilities that maintains an extensive herd of healthy recipient mares. The recipient mares' fertility cycles have been adjusted so that at any given time at least two in the herd can be available for impregnation.

Even if your mare can no longer conceive through traditional breeding, the possibility to extend her useful breeding life exists using our cutting-edge technology which allows us to harvest her embryos and transplant them into a recipient mare.

Along with these advanced breeding services we strive to offer the very best care for your mare and foal while being affordable. All horse owners would all like to see our mares enjoying lush rolling pastures with their foals akwardly learning to use their legs beside them. Shellbird's Rising Hearts Ranch is providing this opportunity.

The close proximity to Scottsdale, Arizona (only 10 hours) makes it an ideal location for mares and show horses to escape the summer heat of the desert, while being close enough for convenient hauling back for the Arabhorse Farm Tours and the Scottsdale Horse Show.

Some of our mare care services include:

  • Reproductive evaluations and breeding soundness examination
  • On-site breeding management (palpation, ultrasound, AI, post breeding evaluation, pregnancy evaluation)
  • Haul-in of outside mares for palpation and breeding with either fresh collected or cooled transported semen
  • Sub Fertility Management
  • Embryo Transfer
    • Large on-site recipient herd
    • House and manage a donor mare's program
    • Work with your Veterinarian to coordinate recovery and transfer of embryos

We are open and honest about fees. You can review our rates below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


2015-2016 Equine Care Fee Schedule

Stall Board and Training:   $950.00
Stall Board and Conditioning:   $625.00
Stall Board Only:   $500.00
Mare Dry-Pasture:   $350.00
Mare Wet-Pasture:   $360.00
Mare Dry-Stall:   $500.00
Mare Wet-Stall:   $550.00
Foaling Fee:   $400.00
New Foal Check-IGG Test:   $50.00
Halter Breaking:   $200.00
Body Clipping:   $100.00
Photo/Video Prep:   $100.00
Admin Fee:   $50.00
Late Fee:   1.5% per month
Transportation:   $75.00 local/$.80 per mile

$25.00 to $50.00 per bank

 Multi-Horse Consideration