About Rising Hearts Ranch

It was in 1999 that Owner/President Michele Pfeifer laid down the foundation to her current horse operations and purchased a ranch in the sleepy mountain town of Silt, Colorado. This ranch, Rising Hearts Ranch, was named so because Michele saw it as an inspirational place that captured the heart and soul of everyone that visited it, a place that lifted hearts. Michele says “it took me a while to actually come up with the name, but I kept coming back to heart, and that uplifting feeling you get when you watch the sun rise across an open pasture or reflect off of the great Rocky Mountains in the middle of Spring. Rising Hearts just seemed appropriate and so it stuck” READ MORE...

Silvia M. Stocker, DVM

Dr. Silvia Stocker is the on-call Veterinary for Shellbird Inc. in Colorado and we are eternally grateful for the years of experience, patience, outstanding skill and care she brings to the collection of horses kept in our care. We invite you to read more about our trusted Veterinarian and friend...

Client Testimonials

We strive to treat all our clients like we treat our own family. In turn, our client relationships often turn into to life long friendships. We invite you to read what a few clients have to say about their experience with Shellbird Inc. at Rising Hearts Ranch.

Michele Pfeifer

Michele has always been & always will be a ranch girl. Growing up on a ranch with horses, cattle, siblings and copious amounts of hard work led to the creation of Michele's drive and relentless work ethic. From gluing herself to the foaling monitor and delivering a client's foal at midnight to meticulously inspecting stalls to make sure they are cleaned correctly, Michele takes a hands on approach to the care of all the animals in her keeping.